TWAS is inviting innovative young scientists
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  • Nom: TWAS is inviting innovative young scientists
  • Fin: 2014-04-25


TWAS is inviting innovative young scientists, policymakers and diplomats from the developing world to apply to attend a science diplomacy workshop in December on the challenges of sustainable energy policies. The application deadline is 15 September. The Workshop on Innovative Energy Policies for a Sustainable Future will be held from 9 to 13 December in Trieste, Italy. Participants will present their innovative energy research and policies and propose what role they can play in developing countries. The event aims to open discussions between the scientific and policymaking communities to open avenues in which scientific knowledge can solve real-life problems in the South. At least four policymakers and diplomats involved in the energy sector or policies of their countries will be included as 'science policy ambassadors'. Additionally, ten scientists aged 40 or younger from all regions of the world will be selected from the applicants to take part. Successful candidates will be informed in October. Further details about the workshop are available in the application forms: SciDipl_Energy2013_FormA.doc SciDipl_Energy2013_FormB.doc